​​​Bluerose Alaskan Malamutes

I started posing early!


typical "hunting"

Learning to sing and boy is it fun when all 5 start in when they hear the garage door!

Yakone is so large and musclebound he won't stand up on his hind legs anymore. Here is a size comparison at only 2 years before he was filled out.

Yakone Amarok: Yakone is Inuit for "Red Aurora" and Amarok is a different Inuit dialect of "Wolf". He is one of our male sires and is HUGE. He is a true giant in every sense of the word. Many times people look at him and refer to him as a wolf pony or the wolf used in the Twilight movies because of his size. People at the "doggie store" are constantly asking why we have three large bags of dog food then Rocky comes around the corner and they understand. That's when we tell them we have five of them!!! He is Tikanni's nephew so we never breed them. This might be considered more of line breeding than in-breeding, but we don't need to take the chance. He is so conscious and sensitive to his large size that when we take him out in public he actually lays down so he is more approachable. He loves kids (as do all our dogs) and doesn't want to hurt them. He is the most laid back and well mannered of all our dogs and has been described by others as very regal. A true gentleman. Yakone is a great father but tends to wait until they are a couple weeks old to start training them. He lets the Dam "do her thing" for awhile then he tends to take over.

Birthday:​   May 2, 2012

Height:      29" at the withers

Weight:     Averages between 170 - 180 lbs.

Color:​       Red & White (dark red or mahogany red as some breeders indicate)