​​​Bluerose Alaskan Malamutes


This information is taken from research and opinions from other breeders and veterinarians. Not all breeders are subject to these examples and we have a good relationship with many other breeders. We are not insulting any other breeder, but some things are required  by law and not an option. We do not intend in any way to discourage you from shopping around to find the pup that best suits you. We are sorry if we unintentionally offended anyone.


Being a small operation, we have many benefits to pass on to you. We are a home and not a kennel. Our dogs are not kept outside in cages and separated (which is required by AKC, local, state and federal laws for larger kennels). Sometimes this must be done with breeders that have multiple males. This practice is required (especially during the heat cycles) to prevent fighting. Many times the females that live together will have heat cycles together. We are not required to do this because we are a small breeder and do not fall under these regulations due to the amount of dogs we have. We do however fall under AKC regulations and local laws and are subject to their inspections. We provide the dogs with a home like (and pack like) atmosphere which helps them become accustomed to home life in your family.

We want to be personal with each of our customers and will talk and email anytime you wish. We have added the option to Skype with you so we can have a face to face conversation with those out of state and can't visit. We feel the more communication we have with you results in a pup better suited to your needs. Your needs are important to us even if we have to refer you to other breeders (as we do all the time). While all breeders will talk to you, not all will take the time to Skype. Some customers have many questions about confirmation, color, AKC, bloodlines, medical history and all around info that needs to be addressed before choosing a pup. Pictures alone are not enough for this expensive and important of a purchase.


While all breeders use vets in some capacity, we found that some do things on their own to help save on costs. There is nothing wrong with wanting to save money by giving their own shots, worming and other things, but there are unknown elements that can go wrong and not their fault. Buying vaccines from the local farm supply store is a gamble. There is no chain of custody with the medicines and no one knows if the shipment was mishandled before it got to the store. Was it refrigerated all the time? Was it left in the sun? The bottom line is sometimes you can buy a medicine and the viable ingredients die before the shot can be given making it ineffective. Again, this is not the case with all breeders and not their fault. They do not always know. For this reason (the vast unknown), we have everything done by a licensed vet and we include copies of all documentation with your pup. All breeders will give you the shot record booklet, but this can be filled out by anyone (especially if they give their own shots). We give you the shot records but also a copy of the vet receipts of everything ever done for the pup. This includes all checkups, fecal tests, worming, weights and anything else our vet decides to do. Most breeders do not include these receipts. Any vet can check this paperwork and call our vet to verify accuracy. Any vet services for our dogs that are not normal or shots will be posted on our website under that dog's link ("Pups For Sale") to include any future exam certificates such as hip and elbow.


While we may not be the cheapest price for Malamutes, we have not found many cheaper giants on the internet yet. Standard Malamutes normally run $800 - $1000. Most prices for giant Malamutes are from $1300 to $3500. These prices vary because of color, size, conformation, markings and build of the parents. Grays are normally the cheapest at $1300 - $1600. Creams reds and dark reds go for $1800 - $2200. Solid whites are the rarest and can go up to $3500. We sell all of ours for the same price of $1000. This does not mean in anyway that our dogs are inferior. We hand picked our stock and stand by them. The amount of dogs to be cared for and local cost of living will greatly influence prices. Most breeders have a $400-$500 non-refundable deposit. Ours is only $250. Some charge an additional $250-$500 for "pick of the litter" while ours is only an additional $200. 


We are proud to say that we have not found any other breeder offer the same discount as us. Being retired military, we are firm believers in supporting not just the military, but all first responders. A few (not many) offer a military discount. We offer a standing 10% discount to ALL forms of military (active duty, retired, dependents, and honorably discharged) and go even further to offer it to all first responders (police, fire, EMT and all forms of search & rescue) with proof of service. This discount is for the purchase of pups only and does not apply to the gift shop or shipping.


We are one of only a few breeders that offer not only PayPal but also major credit cards. Sometimes it is hard to manage a purchase this expensive all at once. While we do accept personal and cashier's checks, some people have room on their card but not the available cash. Some don't want to send a check or money order so they use PayPal. A purchase this major sometimes require payments to manage. We will accept any payment plan within reason that we agree on. Just remember the pup will not be shipped until it is fully paid for and old enough for the trip. A check must clear our bank before it is considered a payment. There are many scammers out there that contact breeders and try to get a free pup to sell to illegal backyard breeders or to get money wired to them in place of a bad check. Remember we require a $250 non-refundable deposit and offer a $200 pick of litter fee that both can be used as separate payments. The balance can also be divided into payments as needed without putting you in a bind. Even the shipping can be a separate payment. There is more time to spread out the payments if you reserve your pup early.


For larger breeders, this is their only source of income and all the dogs take their complete attention and time. Being a small breeder with other sources of income, we have the time to get involved with the community and education of the breed. This helps us to be more personal with our customers and those we educate. We have many things in the works for our branding and advertisements. We are still new being only 6 years into the business and it takes time. We do sponsor the robotics club at one of the high schools and our logo is on the side of the robot (like NASCAR!!) along with the T-shirts and sweat suits used by the team. There are some activities in this small town that we frequent and are becoming a part of such as Barktoberfest and Puppypalooza. These are open to the public to bring their dogs to mingle with others in the park, swim in the pool, costume contests, and introduction to agility activities. It is a chance to meet venders, rescue facilities, no kill shelters, local police and fire and just have a great time with their pets. We always get the most attention when we enter with our group of Mals and intend to have a display to educate the public about Mals, AKC, local Mal clubs and activities like pulling. There are about 12 parades in the area that encompass four different communities every year. As soon as we buy a pony wagon, we will enter some of these parades to demonstrate the pulling abilities and gentleness of the breed.