We usually have many requests for puppies so we instituted a call back list. The call back list will be done in three phases. 1st call is a successful mating. 2nd call is verification of pregnancy from the ultrasound. 3rd call will be a couple days after birth and start taking deposits. Order of the callback list: 1st priority of notification will be anyone that made a deposit and decided to wait for the next litter. 2nd priority will be requests for using the pup for service or therapy dogs. 3rd priority will be in the order of date request was received. All persons on the call back list will be called the same day. This makes it fair when we start taking deposits.   

​Our next litter will be a spring/summer 2019 litter with Kenai and Nuka. Depending on her cycle, we predict her to come in heat around March for a mid April mating. two months gestation will put the birth around the middle of June. Pups will be able to leave for their forever homes at 8 weeks old.  

​​​Bluerose Alaskan Malamutes