I found you. Hide again!

Malamutes always believe they are lap dogs!

Am I regal?

First pull training

Protecting the garden for you Mommy!

Tikaani Rose:​  Tikaani is Inuit for "Wolf" and the Rose is for her color and our business name. She was our first Mal and because of the way she handles our two special needs boys without any service/therapy dog training, that is when we decided to start our business and educate the public about this magnificent breed. Malamutes are very underappreciated for this and are perfectly in-tune with PTSD and emotional disabilities. She is our "peace keeper" and is there right away when our boys are having arguments. She comes right up and gets between them for emotional stability. And she is that way with other dogs. Tikaani is the "police dog" of the dog park. She is a very mothering dog. She wants to mother anything and everything including pups that are not hers. And she is so good with her own pups we have dubbed her "Super Mom". Tikaani has a very gentle soul.

Birthday:   February 9, 2009

Height:      26" at the withers

Weight:     Averages between 105 - 110

Color:​        Red & White (dark red or mahogany red as some breeders refer to)

​​​Bluerose Alaskan Malamutes