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​​​Bluerose Alaskan Malamutes

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Sakari Tarrak: Sakari is Inuit for "Sweet" and Tarrak is Inuit for "Shadow". She is VERY stout and strong. Giant Mals tend to be a little longer with skinnier legs than a standard but even though Sakari is a giant, she has the perfect Malamute conformation. She is so impressive that we are considering the possibility of competition (but which competition to choose?????) at least locally in Texas. AKC considers her a typical gray & white but she was sold to us as a "Wolf Gray". Wolf grays have a tendency to have more red hairs mixed in the coat than a typical gray. It is the blending of different colored hairs throughout the coat that make the gray color. Because of her lineage we believed she had the red gene and proved us right as she has constantly thrown 50% red pups. She throws grays as well as blacks and sables. Sakari is the lover of the group and must constantly be touching or be touched by humans. We cannot be on the couch without her between us. Can you say needy?

Birthday:​   April 30, 2012

Height:      24" at the withers

Weight:​     Averages between 95 - 105 lbs.

Color:​       Gray & White