​​​Bluerose Alaskan Malamutes

Watching over her domain


I see you. Why am I at the vet's office?

Nuka Amek: Nuka is Inuit for "Younger Sister" and Amek is Inuit for "Golden Eyes". She is only a standard size malamute but has many giants in her pedigree. She is quit the character and very vocal with her "woo woo" sounds. Unlike a normal woo woo, she has a guttural sound that is very low for her size but still nice and musical. Her howl is absolutely beautiful and makes sounds more than all of her pack mates. She is very much a "suck up" and just plain wishes to please her pack. She is the first one to be submissive to them until the playtime starts. Then she takes over and controls the wrestling. She is too fast for them and likes to "buzz the tower" like Maverick in Top Gun. Her favorite game is to get Kima to chase her them she grabs Kima's tail and pulls it in front of Kima making Kima spin. 

Birthday:​   July 20, 2017

Height:      23" at the withers

Weight:     About 65 lbs. at two years (they fill out for 4 years)

Color:​       Red & White (dark red or mahogany red as some breeders indicate)