​​​Bluerose Alaskan Malamutes


Inuit (Inuktitut) (Alaskan) names for your Malamute. While it is not required by AKC to name a registered Malamute pup with an Inuit or Eskimo name, they are still very popular.

The Inuit language is complicated. There are many dialects (Canadian, Greenland, Nordic etc.), which create many words for the same English translation. A lot of Inuit words are well over 10 letters upwards to 40 letters. There are a lot of English words for names that simply do not translate well to Inuit or are not very good for a dog name. Plus many Inuit words translate to a complete phrase. We have spent many hours scouring through words and some simply do not work or sound good, where the English translation is perfect. Of course if it is a long word that you like a part of it, then shorten it to your liking. Our dam is Tikaani Rose on her AKC papers. We call her “Tika”, “Kani” or “Rosie” all the time. Our second dam is Sakari Tarrak and call her "Sweetie" or "Shadow". Our Sire is Yakone Amarok "Big Boy" or “Rocky”. Our other sire is Kenai Siku and he his called by either name. It is your pet and your name. Do what you want with the words and have fun with it. 

A lot of people name their pets after their color, markings or personality. We like to use native names for our pets to honor the original indigenous people. For example, Ikkuma Amarok. Ikkuma means “fire” (as he was a mahogany red) and Amarok is a dialect for “wolf”, thus “Fire Wolf”. Then Tikaani Rose. Tikaani is one of the other dialects for “wolf”. Rose refers to her mahogany red color. It is also feminine and refers to our breeding name. We have Sakari Tarrak. Sakari means "Sweet" and Tarrak is "Shadow". Yakone Amarok is one of our sires. Yakone means "Red Aurora" and Amarok again for "wolf". Our other sire is all white named Kenai Siku. Kenai is a river, glacier, park, mountain and others in Alaska. Siku means "ice" so we refer to him as our "River Ice". We used to have a white Husky that we named Siku Luna. Siku is Inuit for “ice” referring to her eyes (ice blue husky eyes) and white body color. Luna, of course, is Latin for “moon” because when she was wet a faint biscuit (pale yellow) coloring showed with various shadowy patters like moon craters. With registered pets it is common to use some names out of their lineage also. Check the page for each dog for their lineage. Have fun and use your imagination with this.

We have compiled from numerous resources of books and the internet some names that will describe your pet. If there is anyone with knowledge of Inuit languages and dialects, please feel free to contact us with some other ideas. I would like as many possible names as I can get. Of course AKC registration does not require the Malamute breed to have names of this language. We just believe in keeping the breed as close as possible to its native origins. Look at some of the longer words and take some letters out until you have a good or unique sounding name. I doesn’t have to be an actual word to be your pet’s name.

Some simple pronunciations: Letters are pronounced mostly as in Latin.

K - Two distinct pronunciations as in “king” or as “Kr” deep in the throat.

J & Y - Interchangeable and pronounced as “y” in “you”.

S - Generally pronounced as “sh” Some dialects pronounce it as “h”. Asso would be a Ho.

I - Pronounced as a long “E”.

U - Pronounced as “oo” or better as in Latin “una”.NG - Is a single sound like “sing” not separate like “ungodly”.


AIYANA            AKINO            ALASKA            AKIRA            ALPINE            ALUE

​AMANI             ANUBUS          APACHE           ARTIC             ARCTIC           ASHA

​ASIA                ASPEN             AURORA          AVALANCHE    BALTO            BANDIT

​BEAR               BLADE             BLAZE              BLIZZARD        CHEROKEE      CHEYENNE

​CHIEF              CHINOOK        CHYNA            DAKOTA          DEMON          DENALI

DIESEL             GLACIER          GYPSY             HALI                HALO             HURRICANE

​JADE                JETT                JUNO               KAHLUA          KEANU           KENAI

​KEESHA           KENO              KIANA              KIMBA             KITA              KIYA

​KLONDIKE       KODA              KODIAK           LAIKA              LAKOTA        LOKI

​LOKO              LUKA               MAKITA           MASKA            MEEKA          MEEKO

​MOKI              MOOSE            NAKEENA         NAKONA         NALA            NANOOK

​NIKATA          NOMAD           POLARIS           RAVEN            RYKA             RYKU

​SABRE            SAKARI            SAKURA           SAKIRA            SAPHIRA        SASHA

​SEQUOYAH    SESKA              SHADOW          SHEBA             SIBERIA          SITKA

​TAHOE          TIMBER            TONKA             TUNDRA          WHISPER        WINTER

​YANA            YUKON            ZAKOYA           ZEPHER            ZIMA

** The following marked names are some of our favorites


ALMOND                                                     Inua

BEARDED ONE                                             Umilik

BLACK FACED WITH HUGH NOSE                 Chua

BLOOD                                                        Aok

BUTTER                                                       Immuyak

CHOCOLATE                                               Koko

COFFEE                                                       Kapik

DARK (without light)                                   Tartok

DUST                                                          Sannerk,   Sanerk

**   Ikkuma

FIRE (bright meteors)                                  Iqniq

**   Shila

FROST                                                        Kaniq,   Iluq

GLACIER                                                     Sirmiq

GOLD                                                         Kanosak

**   Siku, Sikku, Cikuq,  Sikuaq

ICE (ice crack)                                             Qopuk

ICE (drifting lump of ice)                             Kassuq

ICE (smooth stretch of ice)                          Manirak

ICE (small ice floe)                                       Masaaraq

ICE (piece of fresh water ice)                       Nilak

ICE (solid ice cover)                                     Nutaaq

IVORY                                                         Tugar,   Tungaaq

MOON                                                         Tatkret

RED                                                             Aupaluktok

RED AURORA                                          
**  Yakone

RED SPRUCE                                                Ikiaq

RUSTY                                                         Pekartok

SNOW                                                          Sesi,   Aniu,   Qannik

SNOW (falling snow)                                    Qaniit

SNOW (snow crust)                                      Pukak

SNOW (soft snow)                                        Massak,   Akluitok

SNOW (soft deep snow)                               Mauja

SPIRIT                                                         Irrusiq

TATTO (lines on face)                                 Tupit

WHITE                                                        Kakortok

YELLOW                                                      Koksortok,   Kayok


ABREAST (side by side)                         **   Nellani

ALONE                                                        Kissimi,   Kissima

BETWEEN                                                    Miksa,   Miksani

CHEWS                                                        Tamuawok

COMPANION                                               Pikatti,   Aipa

DANCES (Eskimo dance)                              Mumik,   Momerpok

**   Suka

FRIEND                                                        Illamar

FRIENDLY                                                    Nagojut

HEART (big heart)                                        Corazon

HOWLER                                                      Maguyuk

HOWLING DOG                                            Miortok,   Miagortok

HUNGRY (is hungry)                                     Karpok

KISSES                                                          Kunikpok

LICKS WITH TONGUE                                    Alukpok


ONE WHO HUNTS FOR FOOD                        Aput

QUICK                                                          Tuwawi

SHAMAN                                                      Tupilek

SMART                                                         Pukiq

STRONG (is strong)                                      Nukilik

STRONG (strongest of all)                            Sangilak

STRONG (my strength)                                 Shtiya

**   Sakari

UNDER FEET                                                 Amak,   Alornerk


ADOPTED CHILD                                          Tiguaq,   Tiguak

ADOPTED SON                                       
**   Tiquana

ADULT                                                         Innark,   Aktok

BABY                                                            Nutaralak

CHILD                                                          Nutara,   Piarak

**   Panik

GIRL (young girl)                                          Niviasar


MOTHER                                                      Aga

SWEET DAUGHTER                                       Buniq

YOUNG                                                        Makoktok

YOUNGER SISTER                                   
**   Nukka


BIG (is big)                                                   Angiyok,   Takiyok

BIGGEST                                                       Angilak

BROAD (is broad, is wide)                             Siliktok

CURLED TAIL                                                Pamiyok

MASK                                                           Kinapak

SOFT                                                            Amaguq


AIR                                                              Sila

APPLE OF THE EYE                                       Takubvik,   Iyaroak

ANGEL                                                         Annakpok,   Anernerk

ANIMAL (child’s word)                           
**   Kuk’uq

BEAR (brown bear)                                       Shesh,   Aklark

BEAR (grizzly bear)                                      Taqukaq

BEAR (polar)                                          
**   Nanuk,   Nanuq

BEAUTIFUL                                                  Aningan,   Anana

BIG WOMAN                                                Asiavik

BOY                                                             Nukapiak,  Inosuktok

BOSS                                                           Desna,   Issumatak

**   Kima

CHIEF                                                          Kaskae,   Atanerk

DEVIL (or ghost or spirit)                             Tonrar,   Tonraq

DOG                                                            Qimmiq,   Kringmerk

DOG (plays)                                                 Unayok

DOG (puller)                                                Qimuki,   Qimugta,   Qimukti

DRAGS SLED                                                Uniarpok

ESKIMO BOOT                                              Kamik

(appearance of a dog)  
**   Keelut

EXPENSIVE                                                   Akna,   Akkituyok

FEATHER                                                     Suluk

GIFT                                                            Aitut,   Tunerk

GOD OF THE MOON                                     Anuun

GOOD SPIRIT (that lived under the ice)         Aguta

HOME OF THE SPIRITS                                  Tomkin

HUNTING & FISHING                                     Ahnah

JOY                                                              Quvianuq

KING                                                            Atka

LITTLE                                                          Kolu,   Miki

NEW LIFE                                                      Sura

NO                                                               Naga

RAINDROP                                                    Sialuk

SKY                                                              Kesuk,   Qilaq

STAY                                                            Kaya

WANDERING WOLF                                        Kadzait

**  Tikaani,   Amarok,   Ulva  

WOLF (father wolf)                                  
**  Anana


A CREEK IN SUTTON, ALASKA                      Eska

Some combinations we tried were:             Ice Wolf

                                                                 Sweet Wolf

                                                                 Red Wolf

                                                                 Blood Wolf

                                                                 Fire Wolf

                                                                 Arctic Rose

                                                                Sweet Fire

                                                                Frost Rose

                                                                Ivory Rose

                                                                Sweet Daughter

                                                                Spirit Wolf

                                                                Sweet Pride

                                                                Sweet Rose

                                                                Ice Moon

Again, it is limited only to your imagination.

References:     Eskimo (Inuktitut) Dictionary Revised Edition
                       Author: Arthur Thibert, O.M.I.
                       Hippocrene Books, 2004