Kima Silakik:​  Kima is Inuit for "Candy" and Silakik is Inuit for "Sunshine". Her personality is like a ray of sunshine! She is a cream red with mahogany highlights. She is technically a "wooly" though she is a long hair, flat coated wooly. The flat coat keeps her from looking overly fluffy like other woolies and is very silky soft instead of coarser hair. She is an oddball in that this is the first malamute we have seen that refuses to eat any bread type foods. Bread, crackers, dog biscuits, etc. She is very quiet and friendly to the rest of the pack and all humans. We have never even seen her digging in the yard. When our other female had a litter, Kima showed strong signs of early motherly instincts and wanted to be a nursemaid to the litter.

Birthday:   December 15, 2016

Height:      25" at the withers

Weight:     90 pounds at 2 years (remember mals fill out over 4 years)

Color:​        Red & White (cream red)

Is it mine?

"I'm watching you. My turn?"

Notice the "poofiness" as a puppy and how her hair flattened out as an adult.

​​​Bluerose Alaskan Malamutes