Kenai Siku:​  In Alaska there is a river, glacier, national park, mountain and other things named Kenai. We chose to name him after the Kenai River. Siku is Inuit for "Ice". We call him our "River Ice". Up until he was 3 years old, he was a handful (not in a bad way). Once he had matured, he has bulked up and slowed down. He still is very fast and playful but the "puppy" is out of him. He absolutely LOVES his pool with water in it. A very loyal dog, he likes to be at our feet or in our lap. When he gets on the couch he loves to bury his face with his butt straight up and just flop over as hard as he can. We have to watch out for the tail whip! Even though he is tall and lean, he grew pretty stout and into a magnificent dog.

Birthday:   July 26, 2014

Height:      27" at the withers

Weight:​     120 lbs. 

Color:​        White (with a "biscuit" colored dorsal stripe that is acceptable in the breed standards)

Malamute pose 101

Catch me if you can!

Don't worry Mommy. I'll dry off before I come into the house. NOT

I'm a ghost but I see you


​​​Bluerose Alaskan Malamutes