Malamute pose 101

Catch me if you can!

I'm a ghost but I see you

Kenai Siku:​  In Alaska there is a river, glacier, national park, mountain and other things named Kenai. We chose to name him after the Kenai River. Siku is Inuit for "Ice". We call him our "River Ice". He is definitely the more playful of the bunch and does not slow down. He is a couple years younger than Yakone and Sakari. We do not expect white pups because of the female's lineage (Tikaani and Sakari both have white genes 4 generations back and may not be active anymore). However Kenai has a red gene 5 generations back and has thrown red pups with both Dams. He does have a dorsal stripe that is a biscuit color which is common in all white animals. Like I said with Yakone, Dams and Sires take their turns with pups at certain ages. Kenai wants to be with his pups right away. He would start teaching them at day one if "Mommy" would let him.

Birthday:   July 26, 2014

Height:      27" at the withers

Weight:​     105 lbs. at only 2 years. It takes 4 years for a Mal to fill out. We expect 150 - 155 lbs.

Color:​        White (with a "biscuit" colored dorsal stripe that is acceptable in the breed standards)

Don't worry Mommy. I'll dry off before I come into the house. NOT


​​​Bluerose Alaskan Malamutes