​​​Bluerose Alaskan Malamutes

​Big boy for nine weeks, huh?

Ikkumaaluk:​  Ikkumaaluk is Inuit for "Hellfire" (like an out of control forest fire LOL) He is FAR from out of control but we wanted a good name for a mahogany red dog (Ikkuma is Inuit for "fire"). We mostly call him Ikkuma or Kuma. He has a great personality and demeanor. Another one of our dogs that is very loyal and knows his place in the pack. He knows Kenai is the "Alpha" and respects him for it. He only has one white in his background (maternal great great grandfather) but it showed up in his first letter with 5 reds and 5 whites. He should bulk up nicely by his fourth year and will be a very good size giant. He and Nuka are best buds and practically inseparable.

Birthday:   December 3, 2018

Height:      28" at the withers

Weight:​     90 lbs. (at only 1 year) 

Color:​        Dark red but normally reds have a darker dorsal stripe. He is opposite with dark back                   and sides with a slightly lighter dorsal stripe.

My Ball. Don't touch!!!!

Anybody want a kiss?