Here is our video. Look for us and our other videos on You Tube under Bluerose Alaskan Malamutes. Enjoy and think of your own Halloween fun with your pets.

Then the farmer decided to hire a wolf hunter to kill all the wolves and find the missing shepherds

These were very smart wolves. In secret they sent their pups to school to learn the best way to hide from hunters.

The hunter captured one wolf and the others disappeared!


 ​Remember these are VERY smart wolves (I mean sheep) and a not very smart farmer! After scouring the land, the wolves seemed to have disappeared. Fearing their return, the farmer kept the few sheep he had left close to the house in a small pen. To help keep the wolves away, he added a skunk to the pen.

 While hunting she found a disturbing scene in the pumpkin patch. Poor shepherd and his son!

One day, his shepherd and the shepherd's son disappeared.

He kept losing his sheep every year and if he didn't do something drastic, he wouldn't have any sheep left. In an effort to get the local farmers and townspeople to help, he put up wanted posters all over.

We have fun every year with our Mals on Halloween. We keep adding a little more each year and all the kids in the neighborhood look forward to seeing the display and petting the local "wolfies". The Mals love the attention they get dressing up and being on display. We never met a Mal yet that didn't want to be a big ham!!! They greet all the adults and kids with howls and enthusiasm while trying to steel kisses instead of candy. We love the fact that they are very gentle with the smaller kids and babies. We try to stick to one theme because costumes for large dogs are hard to find. Wendy made the "sheep" costumes from scratch. Please enjoy our little story complete with pictures and a video at the end.

Once upon a time there was a local sheep farmer that was plagued by wolves.


​​​Bluerose Alaskan Malamutes