​​​Bluerose Alaskan Malamutes


Be sure to read our "Why Choose Us?" page as it explains the difference between us and the larger breeders!!

We are probably considered a "hobby breeder" by most people simply because of our size. We only have two litters a year. We presently have two females and two males. We absolutely refuse to wear them out and abuse them to make money. These dogs are part of our family. We would rather concentrate on quality than quantity. We don't have a kennel type operation. Our dogs are part of our life and not sitting outside only to be petted occasionally.

We have regular jobs and decided to breed because we are so in love with malamutes. They will capture your heart as described in our "Malamutes In The Home" link. Both of our boys are special needs kids and benefit greatly from the close bond the dogs developed with them. This was done by the dog's natural instincts of the breed. Anytime there is a problem with one of the boys, the dogs are there instantly to comfort them and mediate the situation. They are a great help in diffusing any problems, whether emotional or physical.

Jim is a retired Marine (MSgt) that now works as a civil servant with the Department of the Army at Fort Hood, TX. Ironic huh? He works on all tracked and wheeled vehicles as a mechanic. Wendy is school trained in horticulture and worked for 5 years with the Department of the Army. She resigned her position of a very good job to dedicate her time to the family and the dogs. That is how much we are devoted to the breed and this business. She runs the breeding side while Jim keeps the financial records. Rick is 18 now. He is very smart (Mom says too smart for his own good!) but is hobbled with various emotional disabilities (Autism). Jason is 17 and is in the same boat as his brother but not as severe. These shared disabilities create perfect opportunities for malamute interaction and "Dr. Phil" moments.

Along with Tikaani, Sakari, Yakone and Kenai, we also have Bear. Bear is a pup we kept to be Rick's service/therapy dog. Please read our "Pups For Service/Therapy" link. Mals are great for this. We love to give our furry kids nicknames. Tikaani Rose is our "Nibbler" (Mals love to nibble ears and necks!), "Tika", "Kani" and "Baby Girl". Yakone Amarok is known as "Big Boy", "Teddy Bear", "Rocky", "Rock Star" and "Barricade" for always stopping in front of us and refusing to move, or swinging his butt around to block the way. He definitely has a "male" attitude says Wendy. Sakari Tarrak is known as "Sweetie" and "Needy". This is due to her always wanting to be touching a human or them touching her! Kenai Siku is our "River Ice" or "Menace".

Of course the boys do their chores, but the one they do most often and is the most time consuming is clearing the yard of dog toys! (bet you thought I was going to mention something else). The dogs REFUSE to keep the toys inside because they all hoard and hide them from each other (but NEVER fight over them). We have to laugh because when the boys do this chore, they are always complaining of all the slobber and hair on the toys, not to mention the pieces that need to be thrown away. All the while the dogs go back to their toy box and continue the round robin by taking them back outside. This always ends with boys chasing dogs or dogs chasing boys. See why I said the most time consuming? We really should film this sometime, but can't for all the laughter. With malamutes loving water, you can imagine the water fights the entire family gets into.